I left New York City to return to my hometown of Colorado Springs, ostensibly to spend more time with family and help my grandparents settle into a new home. Really, there was an element of self-therapy to the move. I wanted to see how being home would feel, to find out if going home is really possible. A few days after coming home, my mom’s car broke down in the middle of the highway while we were driving south to Pueblo. I filmed the entire incident until my cell phone died, wrote and recorded a voiceover to tell the story the following day, and edited this short video together that weekend.

“Colorado” tells a unique kind of story about the West, as I’ve known it. The West is dead deer carcasses and desert brush and highways that run parallel to the Rocky Mountains. It’s also the place I was born, where I return to spend time with my mom and my brother, and, somehow, it’s still home. My time in Colorado was supposed to be about figuring out how a person can fit into a place and how much a place is defined by the people you know there.

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